Our objectives

We are especially meticulous in our dealings with each and every customer and supplier. For this reason, we work hard each day to meet our goals: to ensure the quality of our products, provide efficient service, be sustainable in every stage of the process and guarantee food safety.



Quality is a hallmark of Novapracosa and we spare no effort to keep the bar high. Both our production systems and our suppliers have all the corresponding certificates and comply with the highest and most stringent standards for quality. All of our products meet the GLOBALG.A.P. standards, enabling us to operate while continuing to improve the quality of our fruit and adapt in the best possible way to the needs of our customers.



Thanks to our vast experience, Novapracosa is a truly reliable partner. From production to delivery, we track 100% of our processes, to see that all the needs of our customers are met. In turn, our customers can follow each and every step of our processes and request any information they need. Moreover, we adapt to the specific needs of each individual customer. We want to give you the service you deserve: we have the knowhow, professionalism, efficiency and total transparency to guarantee our clients a solid, flowing relationship and an unbeatable service.



There is no doubt that the quality of each product goes hand in hand with sustainability. This is a non-negotiable value of our production and style. We look after sustainability throughout the entire chain, making every effort to see that our production is environmentally friendly and as sustainable and energy-saving as possible. We effectively apply the “local-to-local” concept, producing and transforming the fruit within a close range. Indeed, at all possible levels —economic, environmental and social— we have made sustainability a steadfast brand commitment.


Food Safety

This is one of the basic pillars of our product range. A guarantee of our daily pledge: we work with fresh produce, which obligates us to be particularly demanding. In addition to the GLOBALG.A.P. certification of all of our production processes and packing stations, we also have the IFS, BRC and GRASP certifications. Our technicians perform an intensive and ongoing inspection of our productions, to ensure their perfect compliance with all the food safety demands of the European consumer.